Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ECU remapping and how does it work ?

    All modern era engines are equipped with an ECU ( Electronic Control Unit ) or PCM ( Powertrain Control Module ) that controls various sensors of the engine like injection air-fuel ratio and injection. We alter the data on that module to our needs and therefore we get a better operating system.

  • Do you offer any warranty ?

    Our software carries lifetime warranty - we are delighted we can offer our services with this - because our software is designed with reliability and quality as our primary goal, by our own calibration engineer this means we can guarantee the job will go smoothly.

  • Will i have problems with my insurance ?

    We give the advice that our tuning doesn't leave a typical trail - however in our experience most insurance companies aren't able/willing to check for tuning.

    If you have any questions about this specifically. Call the number above.

  • Will my road tax category change ?

    Emmissions standards remain unchanged therefore you have no reason to be concerned.

  • How long does the whole procedure last?

    Normally we can complete the tune at your convenience - in as little as 1hr to 1hr30mins.

    We do advise to allow 2hrs for this process - as we like to test the car thoroughly before and after - once your tune is on your car - we will test it and datalog it. Should we need any further changes in order to get the most out of your vehicle this will be done then and there and no further costs! We want the best for your car and we are intent on delivering it.

  • Do you offer pre-made tunes?

    Our tuning is developed and tested thoroughly, with all of our tunes calibrated to suit your car individually.

  • What do i get with ECU remap ?

    For starters, you get more smiles when you drive your car. Upgraded power isnt all about 0-100, but its also for more safety on overtaking. By optimizing the fuel-air ratio, you also get better mileage so its a win-win situation.

  • Can my car be damaged by ECU remapping ?

    Our stage 1 tunes are absolutely safe and we can tell you that your car wont be damaged by it. We do our best to build safe remaps so you can use your car for as long as needed without excess wear on the engine.

  • What if the car gets a software update ?

    Some times dealerships perform updates on different modules on your cars on preset service intervals. If that happens our remap will be overwritten and we will have to redo it. Thats nothing to worry about, since we will perform the remap for you again.