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  • * Phil

    Very friendly service, very happy with my remap. My car is much more fun now.

  • * Kallum

    Done exactly what was needed to sort my car and was very quick. Really knows his stuff I wouldn’t go anywhere else from now on! Highly, highly recommend!

  • * Naheem

    Outstanding service, cars much faster, driving smoother and my mpg has improved, it was more than worth it

  • * Josh

    5*. very quick service, Friendly and reliable. Would definitely recommend if your needing a remap. He Talks you through how it all works and shows you how it works too.

  • * James

    Nice bloke and very punctual, the map was quick and easy and he was happy to explain what he was doing at each step without me even asking. Would highly recommend to anyone who is thinking about getting their car mapped! Gave my CLA 180 a nice extra kick!

  • * Richard

    Banging job on my A5 tonight, thought the price was way too good to be true but nope turns out to be fully legit! Fully thorough throughout with before and after checks, couldn’t recommend any higher, looking forward to the Remap stage 2 in the near future

  • * Sophie

    Really happy with my Stage 1 , Daniel was very friendly and informative. Took the time out to go through parts regarding my car gave me some good advice. I would highly recommend and be happy to go back.

  • Dom

    Great service, loads of knowledge even gave me a few pointers about some servicing things that my car might need, and the car moves great now ??definitely recommend.

  • * Brad

    just all round great service.... great customer service car is happy with the map they done..... would highly recommend.... an thank you felas for sorting it as quick as you did....

  • * Matt

    great service from Daniel, 100% well money spent, very happy with the performance gain, looking forward to the economical gain as well. many thanks.

  • * Marvelous

    Cheap and even better maps than other remapping services out there. Afaik, they use in-house remaps, which is better for your car anyway as it is written uniquely for your car only! Defo will recommend it. ***One bad thing though after getting your remap from them is you might have to get your face massaged after because you'll definitely have face cramps due to the smile that your car will put on your face when you experience your 'new' ride.***

  • * Lee

    Excellent, thorough job on my X1 and TT. Highly recommended, he went out of his way to work on the TT and get it sorted after coming across a manufacturer ecu update issue. Both cars are now very impressive.

  • * Ryan

    Just had my Audi A4 remaped my Dan and wow, what a change. Couldn't be happier with the new found power, dan knew exactly what he was doing and finished the job nice and quick. Would highly recommend.

  • * James

    Recently had my car remapped, the difference is night and day. Very knowledgeable, answered all questions and checked afterwards as well to make sure I was happy. A test drive was done before and after to make sure there was no issues.

  • * Adam

    Great fast service can’t recommend enough very knowledgeable. stage 1 remap and egr Delete, very happy with results Would definitely use again

  • * Zain

    What can I say about this guy!? He definitely know what he do! Make my car so much better! faster than before. at first I was very unsure because its my first time remap and he explained me throughout and make sure that I understand how it works etc! The result is definitely worth! Highly recommend this guy if you want to have remap and egr delete! ???

  • * Scott

    Brilliant service, came well out of his way to Harrow and done the job whilst I was working! Will definitely be doing business again soon stage 1: � stage 2: pending

  • * Joe

    Very very happy with what dan has done with my Audi 1.8 tfsi completely changed the car pulls strong in all gears now ? this man knows what he’s on about unlike most of these mobile remapping companies. highly recommended!

  • * Haz

    Very happy with the remap of my car done by Daniel. Very nice guy and knows what he is talking about. The car feels a lot more responsive and exciting to drive. Shame it was chucking down with rain!!! 10/10 service and work.

  • * Max

    Very happy with my Remap, completely changed my car. Very quick and great service. Small issue I was concerned about was diagnosed quickly & explained what to do next to solve the issue

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Remapping Stages

  • Stage 1. Remapping of the ECU.

    Stage 1 a fast road application, working within stock hardware but recalibrating the ECU to get the best from what you already have.

    You will experience increased torque and BHP well as other benefits such as: 

    Better fuel economy, safer overtaking and more efficent throttle response. Stage 1 gives the most cost effective performance increase of any vehicle modification!

  • Stage 2. Remapping of the ECU optimizing intake and exhaust.

    For clients needing a bit more from their car, we can recommend our stage 2 by further optimizing maps within the ECU to increase efficiency of the engine. This stage is all about intake and exhaust. The stock intake systems are most of the times restrictive. The Owner here needs to change from a stock air filter to a free flowing filter or custom air intake to allow increased airflow to the engine. A less restricted exhaust system is needed, with the culprit being the catalyst most of the times. A more free flowing catalyst helps the engine ommit exhaust gases more efficently.This way the air filter and exhaust system will produce maxium gain from a stage 2. In some cases an upgraded clutch is reccomended with these upgrades.

  • Stage 3. New engine parts.

    At stage 3 we take it a lot further most of the times from increasing the cylinder displacement, changing to sport camshafts, installing bigger turbochargers or compressors. In this stage we almost always work outside the manufacturers limits. Most times manufacturers build the same engines with different parts to save costs. So a car might use the same engine on lower versions and the bigger versions with the difference only in the turbocharger so upgrading parts from the bigger versions makes it reliable to run it without problems. Of course there are clients who want to take it to extreme, and we are still able to help with that. Engine internals typically need to be changed on this stage to provide a more reliable tune.

  • ECO Tuning for better economy

    This type of tune is designed to give better MPG - up to 15-20%

    By optimisation of the torque maps, turbo maps, fuel injection maps and rail pressure - we are able to still get better performance but with a biase on economy.

    Recommended for vans, taxis and customers who do more miles than avergae.

  • Adblue, EGR/DPF/GPF removal. Having DPF/GPF/CAT/EGR/ or AdBlue problems?

    Did your regular garage or the main dealer quote you with a figure to fix this fault that seems insurmountable? Maybe you've been to a few different garages that cant seem to fix your faults.

     We can help you solve your DPF / CAT / EGR / GPF or AdBlue issues at a fraction of the cost.

    After fixing the DPF / CAT / EGR / GPF or AdBlue system you should see the following benefits:

    • No more limp/safe mode
    • No more engine MIL light problems
    • No excess wear because of increased back pressure
    • 10% better fuel efficiency

    To fix any of the  DPF / CAT / EGR or AdBlue system can be done in a couple of hours. When we are done your vehicle will be 100% back to normal.

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